What's your favourite miracle ?

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Re: What's your favourite miracle ?

Post by mistermack » Tue May 01, 2018 1:39 am

A baby boy just died in Alder Hey Hospital on Merseyside. He got a rare disease that destroyed his brain, and the hospital wanted to turn off his life support, as the best thing for a completely hopeless case, who was being kept alive artificially.

His parents wanted to take him to Rome, for some Italian doctors to have a go at him, although they didn't claim that they could mend his brain. Basically, they were going to keep him on life support.

The Pope got involved, and criticised the Hospital for wanting to withdraw life support. ( Which was authorised by the courts and the European Court ).

Surely, this would have been the ideal time to produce a miracle? What the fuck was Mother Theresa doing up there? Surely she could have got involved?

You can bet your life, if the kid HAD made a miraculous recovery, God would have got the credit.
So how come he never gets the blame?

It's one law for us, and another for him. With those kinds of rules, it's no wonder he's considered almighty.
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